Progress Report Template

The Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) uniform guidance requires progress reporting, as well as final reporting for project closeout. The uniform guidance requires that pass-through entities and subrecipients use OMB-approved, common information collections when providing performance information and financial data in reports (§200.329(b)). The reports must include: (1) a comparison of actual accomplishments to the objectives of the federal award, (2) the reasons why established goals were not met, if appropriate, and (3) additional pertinent information including analysis and explanation of cost overruns or high unit costs. Recipients and subrecipients are also to note: (a) problems, delays or adverse conditions that would impair their ability to meet the objectives of the federal award, and any assistance needed to resolve the situation, and (b) any favorable developments which enable meeting time schedules and objectives sooner or at less cost than anticipated.

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