Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards, 6th Edition

A no-nonsense guide to understanding increased responsibilities under the uniform guidance
for pass-through entities, subrecipients and contractors alike.

Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards, 6th Edition

If you're looking for quick and simple guidance to help you understand your responsibilities throughout the subaward monitoring process, Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards, 6th Edition, is the no-nonsense compliance guide for you.

Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards is the most comprehensive reference book for pass-through entities, subrecipients and contractors alike. It even includes useful templates such as risk assessment considerations, audit checklists, budget templates, monitoring visit form letters, sample subaward and contract agreements and more.

The 6th Edition incorporates OMB’s recent revisions to the uniform guidance, which became effective Nov. 12, 2020, for new awards and modifications to existing awards. Along with altering citation numbers within the guidance, OMB added and amended provisions that can impact agreements with subrecipients related to covered technologies, indirect cost rate negotiations, procurements and other responsibilities. Let Techniques for Monitoring Federal Awards, 6th Edition guide you through those changes. 

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In addition to clearly laying out how to remain in compliance with the Uniform Guidance, this guide will also:

  • Clear up confusion by clearly describing the roles and responsibilities of both the pass-through entity and the subrecipient as well as the differences between a subrecipient and a contractor.
  • Guide subaward creation by outlining the key components, including the data elements required for a subaward agreement, regulatory and program requirements, the scope of work and budget, and administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements, all aligned with the provisions of the uniform guidance.
  • Present a variety of monitoring options, including: strategies pass-through entities should consider before selecting a monitoring activity; the various tools available, including single audits or program-specific audits where applicable, agreed-upon procedures engagements, onsite visits and desk reviews; and tips about choosing the most effective strategies.
  • Keep pass-throughs one step ahead of auditors by reviewing the aspects of monitoring procedures that auditors will test, identifying the types of findings auditors might report and offering descriptions of best practices to avoid findings.
  • Provide templates that pass-throughs need to properly monitor subrecipients that can serve as a toolkit for pre-award, post-award and audit requirements as well as revised boilerplate subaward and contract agreements, including new fixed-amount awards.

Learn About:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Key Participants
  • The Subaward Agreement, Contract Agreement and Fixed Amount Subaward Agreement
  • Differences Between Subawards and Contracts
  • Risk Assessments — Specific Conditions and Remedies
  • Effective Monitoring Procedures
  • Communication Between Pass-Through Entities and Subrecipients
  • Monitoring Activities and Auditor Follow-up
  • How to Write Subaward Agreements
  • Troubleshooting Subrecipient Monitoring
  • Federal Cash Management — What You Should Know
  • Issues of Accountability and Transparency: What's On the Horizon – The DATA Act
  • And more!

About the Book:

Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards is a softbound desktop guide. It is also available online as part of Thompson Grants Compliance Expert – an all-in-one solution that will cover your organization’s compliance needs throughout the entire grants lifecycle, from finding grants, to pre-award, post-award and closeout. Click here to learn more.

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