Equipment, Supplies, and Capital Assets: Elephants in the Corner

Webinar • Tuesday, August 29, 2023 • 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

Federal draws, unallowable costs, and procurement are frequently discussed as high-risk areas regarding federal funds management.  However, the equipment and property management compliance area also has the potential to cause major concern and hiccups in program administration.  Errors in this area may result in questioned costs, misstatements in your entity-wide financial statements in addition to the SEFA, errors in indirect cost rate proposals and applications of the NICRA, and more!  During this session, Eric will discuss what makes equipment and property management higher risk, what some of the common errors are, and some best practices to mitigate risk of noncompliance and financial reporting errors. You will also be walked through the impact on closeout activities- should errors not be corrected 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify potential risks related to equipment, supplies, and capital assets in federal awards.
  • Discuss the role of consistency in acquiring, maintaining, and inventorying capital assets.
  • List common errors made by recipients and subrecipients regarding capital assets.
  • Discuss methods to mitigate audit finding and operational risks.
  • Identify best practices in physical inventories of federal funds.

Join leading grants professional, Eric Russell, and learn how to strategize for and ultimately acquire, maintain, and dispose capital assets (including property), equipment, and supplies can significantly impact an organization’s program budgets, operating budgets, and long-term financial considerations.  

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Who Will Benefit:

  • CFO, Grants Managers, Asset Managers, Sponsored Program Managers, Finance Director, Deputy Finance Directors, Grants Coordinators, Grants Management Specialists, Budget Analyst, Program Manager, Program Officer, Purchasing Managers, Purchasing Agents


Eric Russell Eric Russell

Eric Russell- Mr. Russell is a Financial and Regulatory Compliance Specialist with experience in government finance, asset management, external and internal audit of public and private organizations and corporations, and management consulting. Experience includes asset and capital program management, managing, designing, and executing financial audits, internal audits, compliance monitoring and risk assessment, and regulatory compliance projects. Also assisted numerous organizations in their financial management and strategic management activities.